New Mecha book

Eric Moore » May 8 '16

Just got this book.

Its beautifully produced, bit more than A4 but smaller than A3, with lovely clear photos of all sorts of neat kits, and would get a big thumbs up from me if it wasn't for a couple of niggles.

The first one is a minor one really - mine's an English edition translated from what i'm guessing is the Italian original. While most os the time the translation is okay, sometimes there's radical swerves from what's intended, which really takes you out of the read. Also, the text isn't that indepth if you're not a novice, but that's okay because much can be learnt from the excellent photos.

The major niggle is that there was no sign of it after 3 weeks of paying, so i contact the site - nothing. Wait another week and do the same - nada. After 6 weeks waiting i contact them via Paypal and thraten to open a claim to get my money back. Straight away i get an answer back saying they'd posted it the day before. And it came a couple of days later.

So, i'd recommend it if you're after a visual reference book and don't mind a wait.


Eric Moore
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Re: New Mecha book

Alun » May 9 '16

Any info on what the mechs are they feature?

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Re: New Mecha book

Eric Moore » May 9 '16

It runs:

Hasewaga Altair,

Bandai Macross Destroid Monster,

MKII Sentinal,



Kotobukiya HAW206,

Industria Mechanica Waldo,

Tau battlesuit,

Wave Snake Eyes,

And a fat robot toy conversion.



Eric Moore
Posts: 138
Joined: Nov 23 '13

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