M1 Terminator Endo Skull

Peter Hall » Apr 11 '16



I thought id show some pics of a M1 Termiantor Endo Skull i recently finished casting building and painting.

This was airbrushed with Humbrol Gloss Black, mixed with Humbrol thinner, probably about 70% Black 30% thinner I though it had gone on great and thats when i did the mandatory drop it and roll it all over the floor move.


So then after swearing alot i over sprayed the bumped up bits with the black, when i should have just left it, making it overly lumpy. This was then sande back, but not quite enough i think, and then resprayed with the black with 50% white spirits, which is how i'll spray the next one, as it was much smoother.


Then its been sprayed with Aclad Chrome and dark grey with copper for the recesses and lines.


Thanks for looking







Peter Hall
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Re: M1 Terminator Endo Skull

SFMuk Admin » Apr 12 '16

Fab job, especially with the lighting.  Although really on a kit of this type and this size it would have been disappointing if you hadn't added the lights in there!


And with the traditional "dropped after being painted" as well.


You do anything different with the second one?



SFMuk Admin
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Re: M1 Terminator Endo Skull

Peter Hall » Apr 12 '16

Thanks! Yeah it really needs the lighting. I'm planning on adding some real (false) teeth on the next one. 

And try the thinner paint on it without dropping it as well!



Peter Hall
Posts: 17
Joined: Feb 27 '16

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