Junkbot Tank Walker

Ian Thorley » Feb 29 '16

HI all,


Someone left this on my desk at work, just looked at it and thought it was a great shape to do something with

Ian Thorley
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Re: Junkbot Tank Walker

Ian Thorley » Feb 29 '16

I thought it would make a decent tank walker, so started to have a play with it.

Took the plastic dome off first to remove all of the electronics, was surprised how much was crammed in there.

Next I removed the screw base and replaced it with half of a plastic container that held a small toy, I then filled the base with hot melt glue to hold the small container in place and give the whole thing a bit of stability.

Wasn't sure at first what to use for legs or even how many to give it.

After trying to space four legs evenly around the base and it not looking right, I opted for three, two either side and one at the rear as a sort of support.

I had a pack of wooden lolly sticks lying around from one of the kids school projects so decided to cut a few up to see if they'd work as legs.

The first ones were cut more as attachments to the body.

I drilled holes in the body, filed them to shape and fed the sticks through to form a cross inside for strength.


Seemed to work quite well, so decide to go with the lolly sticks and try the legs.

Thinking they'd be a bit weak and look too spindly as singles, I decide to try two together with a spacer to give a girder effect.

The feet were made from plastic door latches and I wanted to use real nuts and bolts to hold them together to give strength and add an industrial feel.




Quite pleased with how they look, still a bit flimsy, but once they've got a few hydraulic rams and hoses added, should beef up nicely.

Just noticed in the photos the nuts and bolts look like they're in various states of tightness, but in real life they all look the same.

The lolly sticks weren't too bad to work with, but not that easy to drill without splitting, lost quite a few until I got the technique right.  Oh well they're cheap enough.

Managed to find some aluminium tube and steel rod that slide together nicely as hydraulic cylinders, so that's next on the list.



Not sure on armament yet, was originally going for a Main Battle Tank feel, with quite a large bore gun, a sensor array and maybe a machine gun for self defence, but not sure now.

Maybe two gatling guns, one either side or even a missile launcher would suit it better.

That's all for now, first time I've resized and uploaded images, hope I haven't messed up along the way.


Ian Thorley
Posts: 47
Joined: Dec 1 '13

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