Re: Feedback welcome on Mecha designs for new Kit venture

Lee Ray » Apr 29 '14


We are in the process of putting together a kickstarter for a collectible kit and/or miniature for tabletop gaming. We are here to get you guys involved and give us some useful feedback on these our first pass ideas at a Mecha/Vehicle

Our initial aim is to produce a 3D printed kit, modular build, with a range of accessories, weapons, add-ons etc to make your choice as customizable as possible.

At this stage we haven`t decided on 15mm or 28mm, but we would like to go as large as we could to carry across some serious detailing in the print

Attached are our first passes; very loose ideas, and we would appreciate opinions and feedback from you guys as to which you find the most appealing.. which aren`t and why ? Are we swimming against the tide by not going for the standard Mechwarrior blocky design or are you guys crying out for something a bit more steampunk, outlandish and exotic?

Lee Ray
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Re: Feedback welcome on Mecha designs for new Kit venture

SFMuk Admin » Apr 29 '14
Hi Lee

Firstly welcome along. The designs look great to me and you seem to have 2 similar but distinct design aesthetics going on which could (I`m guessing being different factions). I personally don`t build anything that small so can`t comment on how they would fare but assume you`re going for the tabletop gaming scene?

Good luck with raising the cash! Though not sure what more I can suggest.

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Feedback welcome on Mecha designs for new Kit venture

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Apr 29 '14

Hey Lee,

Always liked a good mech..

My taste is the more mechanical style ( Mechwarrior) rather than the eastern humanoid type (Gundam etc).. I also have a preference for the more animal stle of legs over human, Im referring to dog/chicken leg types..

Not a gamer anymore unfortunately but I can always appreciate a good design.

Feedback time.

1 and 2 arn`t to my taste, reasons above.

3. has a very old industrial design look about it.. I like the jump engines idea and the arms mould help for stability on landing.. pilots too exposed for my liking though. big downside as a mini it looks fragile.

4. is more to my liking, good flat armoured look about it, plenty swap out options for weapons too and a decent size.

5. first one is more traditional and has a typical humanoid look despite the legs. second one has the better body shape, almost hunched look, I like that.

For a swap about gaming platform I would go with no.4  gaming pieces need handled so you don`t want a lot of sticking out pieces that can break so theoretically having removable or interchangeable warm units solves both problems, have them slot in for interchanging and a reasonably smooth upper body for handling and a good surface for custom painting..

The top wing could be swapped out too for alternative sensors or weapons pods..

Big scale is needed for he detail too I recon.. good luck with this and keep us posted..


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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