Re: Animated Lighting Set for Moebius 1/32 TOS Cylon Raider

Anthony Hughes » Jun 2 '14

I`m just finishing up the development of a self contained lighting set for the new Moebius Raider


Microprocessor controlled module PCB for each engine - fits right into engine tubes.
Realistic flickering engine effect with 4 LED cluster per engine.
Engine start up effect at power on.
Static lights for front headlights and optional underbelly searchlights (As seen on some filming miniatures)
Laser blaster effect with random burst fire.
3x AA battery operation - designed for high visibility but low power.
Battery box can be concealed under canopy

It will be available in 2 configurations

Basic Set
Pre-assembled PCBs but requires basic soldering ability to wire the modules to front LEDs & battery
Comes with

2 x Assembled & tested engine modules
2 x Yellow headlight LEDs
2 x White underbelly spotlight LEDs
1 x Ultra bright white laser LED
2 x 1.5mm Fibre optic for lasers
1 x AA battery box with switch
1 x Power connector male/female
Connecting wire
Heatshrink sleeving

£24 / $40 + P&P

Deluxe Set
As basic set but everything already pre-wired. No soldering required whatsoever.

£33 / $55 + P&P

Available soon. email me at ant (at) to reserve!




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