Bandai Boba Fett

Eric Moore » Jul 8 '16

Well, lookee what i got for my birthday!

Cracking on straight away, looks to be as indepth as the Scout Trooper and i've started assembly.

Two things spring to mind:

The helmet looks a tad big compared to the Bikers doesn't it?

And, i thought the red bits were, er, red and not an almost brown burgundy.


Eric Moore
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Re: Bandai Boba Fett

SFMuk Admin » Jul 15 '16

I wonder if it's not that Boba's helmet is too large but that the Biker's helmet is a little small.  Looking at it in place and in proportion to the body I can't imagine that he could actually fit his head into it at all.  Have you compared it to a regular Stormtrooper helmet?  


Mark's been building him for about a year now by the way.  It must be amazing by now  surprisedwink

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Bandai Boba Fett

Eric Moore » Sep 3 '16

Blimey, just realised i never, ever updated this build!

Sorry about that.

Had great fun building the fella, and painting too - i decided to go with e Jedi scheme to break the greens up a bit, there was all the chippings to put on, and the weathering , and things like the cape needed a total repaint as they looked far too plasticy.

These figures are seriously addictive - got me a Sandtrooper now on the way, and i promise a more indepth WIP!


Eric Moore
Posts: 138
Joined: Nov 23 '13

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