Revel A Wing

Hi all


Just a quick question re the revel A Wing and dont worry i'm not having trouble

building it laughing its the easiest kit ive ever done, about 30 mins in total. 

No the problem is the pilot figuer and its tiny size being totally out of scale to the fighter,

so was wondering if any of you guys could remember what the suggested scale is to replace 

it with. I know from the dim and distant that someone had made a replacment but i can't see 

them still being available so any suggestions would be most welcome.


I shant boor you all with pics of an old snap revel A wing till ive done some modernization to it 

planning on building it as an A wing mk whatever upgrade after oh i don't know say 30 years later.




Rich ¤Blitzspear¤ Jary
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Re: Revel A Wing

Alun » Jan 20 '16

Sorry mate I don't recall that scale was particularly an issue with that kit.  Built one forever ago and think it was sold or given away to someone.


What scale is it meant to be and what it is closer to???



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