Ellenbethsdad » Jan 3 '16

Next project is on the bench and again it's for the upcoming SW weekend. At last years event we raffled off a Han and Chewie which the crowds seemed to like so after scoring another Chewie (original and in the box for the stupidly low price of £16) what can I do with it to make it different?........hang on I think there's a C3PO in my stash, I bet you can see where this is going???....


kit parts:


The cast seems ok, a few air bubbles on his lower legs but the arm/ bowcaster handle is warped :



The vinyl is cast pretty thick as is the way with these old Screamin kits and you have to do a lot of work to get the joints hidden. To get the waist joint looking any good I've had to trim down the thickness of the viynl:


And after lots of heat, glue and accelerator I'm left with this almighty mess, again it fits where it touches:




And a pic showing how far out of alignment the arms and bowcaster are:



So Iv'e got a lot of putty work to do to get this looking any good......more soon





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Re: Chewbacca

Alun » Jan 4 '16

Aguhwwgggghhh awwgggghhh huurh uughghhhgh huurh huurh!


Which according to Wookie Translator (yes, there is such a website) means "That looks like a great start Pete!"


The fit on those old vinyl kits was really quite awful.  It's a wonder any were ever actually built.

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