Re: Screamin Tusken Raider

Ellenbethsdad » Aug 2 '15

After what seems an age I`ve started a new build and for the foreseeable future everything I build will be geared up around next years Star Wars weekend which we will be attending as a group again. This build will most probably end up as a prize in the raffle.
I`d been scouring eBay for suitable raffle prizes and managed to score the bargain of the year when I won an original in the box Tusken Raider for the paltry sum of £16 and a Chewie for £12 ( the seller had put Chewie up with a buy it now price of £50 so he must be hating me !)

So on with the build.....

Kit parts:

this lot builds into the Gaffi stick:

As with all Screamin kits the fit is atrocious, they fit where they touch.....

After lots of heating parts and copious amounts of superglue and accelerator I ended up with this:

after lots of Aves putty work later the seams have all but disappeared and a coat of primer has hid a multitude of sins:

next, out with the paint....more soon.


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Re: Screamin Tusken Raider

Marten Richens » Aug 3 '15
Nice job of hiding those delightful seams there Pete. I had forgotten the `joy` of building Screamin` kits, so thanks for the reminder!
Marten Richens
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Re: Screamin Tusken Raider

Ellenbethsdad » Dec 30 '15

Oh man this ones been sitting on the bench since bloody August cry

better show some progress shots then just to prove I'm still alive.......




trying to go for a well orn and dirty look, i might add some pigments later on.




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