Re: Jawa Ion Pistol

Eric Moore » Mar 2 '14
Okay, fingers crossed here that the problems are ironed out and i can post pics again.

If it does work, you should be seeing the "Ion Pistol" i made for our youngest.

Quite why its called that i dunno. Its much bigger than the "Ion Blaster", which is the one made from the Lee Enfield rifle - and i deliberately scaled it down for our daughter.

Anyway, i made it from (left to right):

a stock carved by a local woodturner,

two tubs from Wilkensons up top with a few lids as spacers between them,

and a thin plastic vase for the barrel,

the lower section has a bit of curtain rod covered in kit bits and Plasticard,

the trigger was nicked from some mull-grips,

and the dial on the side is the cap to a Sainsburys milk carton.

Eric Moore
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Re: Jawa Ion Pistol

Chris Ford » Mar 2 '14
This is brilliant, ingenuity combined with simplicity! With some brass bits n pieces added, it would also make for a great steampunk blaster. Well done!
Chris Ford
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Joined: Nov 28 '13

Re: Jawa Ion Pistol

chris perry » Mar 2 '14
eh up buddy,wow that looks mint mym8!i love it..cheers peza
chris perry
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