Re: My Sandtrooper outfit

Eric Moore » Nov 24 '13

Thought i`d show my biggest ever build. Was a real challenge to make something so big - handling, cutting and glueing very large sections of vac-form was one big challenge, learning how to use poppers etc for the strapping system was another, but the biggest and most fun was the backpack.

Because it was going to put to the 501st for judgement, it had to be spot on to pass their very vigorious criteria.

Happy to say it did.

Still very pleased with it, and its not too heavy or hot to wear. Biggest niggle is the VERY limited filed of vision, tinted green.

Just done a quick edit on this to load the images as photos rather than files, as I am going to switch the attachments option off.  It just makes the forum posts clunky and the images can be loaded using the camera icon in the top of the editor window. Alun

Eric Moore
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Re: My Sandtrooper outfit

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Nov 24 '13
lack of vision may explain why they cant hit a target they aim at ha ha.. Aught to have you up on a charge too for not keeping your uniform in tip top condition too ha ha..  looking really smart though, well done..
Alan "Budgie" Murray
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Re: My Sandtrooper outfit

Pilgrim_UK » Nov 26 '13
That is very smart, Well done that man. You got the subtle tinting of the desert down to a T.
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