Star Trek at 50

SFMuk Admin » Sep 8 '16

So today (as I'm sure you already know) is the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek. 


So to celebrate let's see your favourite Trek build! Post it and let's see what we see!

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Star Trek at 50

Alun » Sep 9 '16

I'll go with this most recent Star Trek build, the 1:2500 scale Enterprise D.



In going to post this I realised how many of the 1:2500 scale things I have just need little tweaks to get them finished.  Just the odd decal here or there or a little paint.


Anyway, this one is definitely all done.  Details are 95% decals which are those supplied with the kit.  They were horribly fragile and split a lot making this a real challenge to complete and maintain your temper (which I failed to do a couple of times). But got there in the end.


Next time I'll skip the kit decals and print my own.

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Re: Star Trek at 50

Chris Ford » Sep 10 '16

My favourite Trek kit build and on screen also. Romulan Warbird (studio scale)

Chris Ford
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Re: Star Trek at 50

Brian Wilkinson » Sep 13 '16

One of my fave Trek builds


Brian Wilkinson
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