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Alun » Apr 24 '15
Having posted a little something on another thread I realised that the progress I was making on the Enterprise from Into Darkness never made it across to the new forum.  

Not planning on really kicking this off again at the moment, but wanted to add the thread back in.


Did a trawl of the internet and found some amazing builds out there. Someone on the RPF forum is doing a fully accurate and lit version (you can find his build here) and using tiny surface mount LEDs to provide the floodlights.  But provides an excellent set of references.

I`ve got the ParaGrafix photoetch set for this kit. It also comes with a hanger so can’t do too much to the secondary hull until I get that to see what needs to be done to fit it in.

So plan for this is to build it without modifications to the kit itself and install some lighting elements.  The errors look to be relatively minor to me and you’d have to be a bit of an obsessive to spot them and not sufficiently dramatic to warrant the major work, and with my skills major chances of mistakes and destroying the parts completely. And some of the lighting will be incredibly hard to achieve because it was done with CGI and the laws of physics didn’t actually apply.

So having played around with the parts a bit a simple place to start seems to be the deflector dish.  A quick build on that was to remove the back of the white plastic part and insert a 3mm blue LED into place.  The light diffuses a bit through the deflector but would be good to get some more light to emit from the mid parts, as most is (obviously) coming out the centre at the moment.

The centre actually looks quite dark on the screen.  So a bit of light blocking there may help to send the remaining light out to the edges a bit more, or at least reduce the massive hotspot there.

Wont be able to get it exactly the same because the light just wont travel through the part like that but hopefully will be close.

So one of the small omissions on the Revell kit is that there are a string of lights along the raised area behind the bridge.  You can see these in the image below.

For some reason Revell didn’t do these ones as windows and instead just moulded the shapes onto the parts.  As I’m lighting it I need to cut these out.  So using a 1mm drill I chain drilled along the windows and then cut through them with a scalpel.

Here is the before:

And after:

And here is the part in place:

And the unmodified side:

Will need to tidy up the edge a bit and finish off the second side.  Only stabbed myself once in doing it.

So having started bleeding and getting fed up with drilling I started to put in the light blocking and reflecting material on the underside of the primary hull.

Bouncing around a bit here, but Ant has an LED Driver and I thought this might do the trick for the double strobe flashs on the kit.  So got in touch and Ant pulled together an amazing job of fixing not only the double strobe but also the single pulse lights which are seen on the bridge and by the shuttle bay.
The board itself is really tiny (36mm by 20mm) and so will fit easily inside the model and can be hidden away in the saucer.  It can be set to run 5 different sequences I believe, so has a lot of flexibility to run different lights within the same model.

Having got the Paragrafix photoetch set through I thought I’d make a start on that and see what modifications might be needed to incorporate it into the build.  Apologies for being rather haphazard so far with this build and not really focusing on any one element.  Need to bring that back into check and get a plan of action together.  Anyway, in the meantime I cut out the etch for the hanger area.  Went together really nicely and fits really well.

It does raise a couple of issues though.

Firstly there is basically no space above it for any lighting to be installed to illuminate it.  There is a small gap between the arches of the hanger and the plastic but not much.  Just possible that enough light would come through there though.   Shot below is of the hanger from a screen grab.  Not many references that I can find online. So will need some lighting at the back (there are cut outs in the etch for these and around the clam shell.

Secondly, that the flashing beacon above the hanger (the little nub you can see in the picture of the model) needs to be lit and now there is no where underneath it to install the planned 3mm LED.  Surface mount LEDs might be the way forwards for this so will need to do some further investigation as I`ve never used them before.

Will also need to design some decals for the landing bays, but that shouldn’t be a biggie.

So final bit of where I`d got to is I picked up on eBay a couple of little kits which are designed to give various options for 8 LEDs.  I`ve played around with them and there are some options within them that look to be great for the spinning lights in the nacelles.This is the sequence I’m likely to use and I’ve tweaked up the speed to make it quite fast.

As you can see the turbines are in the nacelles as well (from the Paragraphix kit).  I`m hoping that by adjusting the speed I might be able to get the lighting to strobe and make it look like the turbines are actually spinning.So that`s where I was.  Very haphazard and all over the place.  I have a couple of models to completely finish (Igor and Starboost, plus a new kit I`ve started but not posted on yet) and then I`m going to get back to this.  

I`m hoping to get our study room decorated and set up with a proper desk this summer (it`s been a storage room for too long) which will give me somewhere much better to work on this.

So, that`s where it was at and updates in the not too distant future hopefully.

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Re: Enterprise-Into Darkness

Richard Baker » Feb 18 '16

I wish you would stop apologizing for the scatter gun approach you are taking for this build- shifting from section to section keeps things interesting and you do not get bogged down on any particular sub-assembly. While this is not my favorite Trek ship you are doing some great work here making it shine!

Richard Baker
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