Thunderbird 1

Malcolm Gibb » Jul 11 '16

Here is my completed Thunderbird 1 which is 24 inches high, TB3 is 31 inches high.

I usually scratch build but now and again I like to work on a kit like TB1 which is from Ben's Model World.

Thunderbird 3 is a scratchbuild, I hope to work on a scratch build TB4 soon but that could change as I've just bought a 32"

Stingray kit from Studio 2 Models.

Both Ben's and Studio 2 make excellent high quality kits which I'd recomend to anyone.

Happy building





Malcolm Gibb
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Re: Thunderbird 1

SFMuk Admin » Jul 15 '16

Nice work.


Are you going for the whole set and having Tracy Island?

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Thunderbird 1

Malcolm Gibb » Jul 15 '16

Almost! I will build TB2 and TB4 at some point though I won't do TB5.

I was planning to work on thunderbird 4 next but as I've now got a Stingray kit

I will probably concentrate on that. However I'm doing some house decorating at the moment

so there will be a delay.

My intention is to have a number of vehicles from most of the Anderson series, well at least thats the plan.


Malcolm Gibb
Posts: 41
Joined: May 17 '15

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