Thunderbird 3

Malcolm Gibb » Jun 5 '16

My most recent model was a 31" high Thunderbird 3. The height was because of the size of tubes I had lying around.

Its made from plastic waste pipes, perspex tube and balsa wood.

The balsa was used to create the top nose section and the three engines. The nose was covered in fibreglass and the engines were painted several coats of fibreglass resin.

The engines were actually bolted onto the main body and all joins sealed with P38 filler. With all my projects its a matter of lots of filling and sanding until I'm happy.

The three outriggers were carved wood and the black sections on them were just black card.

I had my local graphics company create the lettering on matt vinyl, panel lines were drawn on using pencil as it can be rubbed out if a misake is made then the whole 

model was then dirtied using an air brush then sealed with matt lacquer, all paint used on this model was from Halfords.

Thats about it, it took about 12 weeks off and on.

My next model is Thunderbird 1.





Malcolm Gibb
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Re: Thunderbird 3

Richard Baker » Jun 6 '16

Very well done!

Thunderbird 3 is one of the hardest craft to get right- most kits/replicas get the proportions wrong but you have it nailed!

Richard Baker
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Re: Thunderbird 3

Malcolm Gibb » Jun 11 '16

Hi Richard


Many thanks for the comments.

With Thunderbirds celebrating 50 years I thought it was about time to actually build some of the Thunderbird craft, I had previously built some guest vehicles from the series


Thunderbird 3 was a scratchbuild but the Thunderbird one I'm currently working on is a 'garage kit' though I had to modify some parts as I had a major set back when the model was damaged while on the work bench, but that's another story.

Here is a pic of the progress so far, when complete it will be around 24" high.


Malcolm Gibb
Posts: 41
Joined: May 17 '15

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