executor scratch build

barrie clucas » Feb 11 '16

Hello everyone,

                      well the force may now be awakened but I have not been to sleep ....I have been busy completing my latest scratch build the executor from star wars. The model is approx 32 inches long and about 14 inches wide, I have finished her in a grey primer as a private collector may buy the model and wish to give it his own paint treatment. She will soon be on display at TRNSPORT MODELS PRESTON Lancashire soon. please let me know what you think as this will help me to improve my models in the future. the model can be seen in an album on my page.


regards Barrie ( the wide awake old guy )

barrie clucas
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Joined: Nov 12 '15

Re: executor scratch build

SFMuk Admin » Feb 12 '16

Lovely build as always Barrie.


In case anyone can't spot it here is the link to the gallery:


32" is a bit small for you isn't it?  You're slipping!


SFMuk Admin
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Re: executor scratch build

barrie clucas » Feb 13 '16

Hi Alun,

            yes a little bit smaller than my normal builds but this was a quick build just under three weeks so it had to be a bit smaller, do not worry a bigger build is always hiding in the galaxy. I am working on that master thing hope to send you something soon for your approval.


regards barrie ( the old awake guy )

barrie clucas
Posts: 10
Joined: Nov 12 '15

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