Gareth James » Jan 1 '15
New series coming in spring- trailers popping up on kids channels. Nothing on the website except an email update form. Looks like its gonna be CGI stuff so I`m not really holding out much hope. 
Gareth James
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Paul mather » Jan 18 '15
the boys are back in town

Paul mather
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Joined: Nov 23 '13


Marten Richens » Jan 18 '15
I know it`s for kids and all, but really!? I can already hear Gordon referring to people as `Dude`. I know I`m old and cynical, but surely it`s going to do nothing but put the original over a barrel and f**k it senseless and not even have the common decency to give it a reach around either.

You may have guessed I`m not going to be watching this. I already made that mistake with the live action movie.

Marten Richens
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Joined: Nov 23 '13

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