Re: Judge Dredd

Ellenbethsdad » Jun 10 '14

Just finished up with this rather nice 1:3 scale Judge Dredd from Fantasy Realms

Went for purely a comic book look as opposed to mean and menacing black:

Rather than do the visor all black I went for a diminishing shade effect:

And if anyone can remember way back in the midst of time I did a Halcyon Dredd build up for the SFM:UK year book. ( Long since gone but Alun might have a spare copy?) I did the base badge to look like a military cap badge so I replicated the effect again. Not to happy with this one so I might re-do it in just flat paint as opposed to clears.

Nice kit.


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Re: Judge Dredd

Ian Thorley » Jun 11 '14
Nice, how big is it? 
Ian Thorley
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Re: Judge Dredd

Alun » Jun 17 '14
It`s 1:3 Ian so big chunky piece.

Nice job Pete. Very effective shading on the visor. Skin looks a little yellow but guessing that`s the reflection off the shoulder pads. Rocking the 80`s look!

I`ll dig out that yearbook and see if I have a final PDF which I can put up for say one interested. Shame there aren`t enough involved people to do one again....

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