Re: Sith Infiltrator

Steven Woosey » Jan 25 '15
Quick build from me this week to add to the pile of entries, done in a couple of days off work.

The Revell easy kit of Darth Mauls Sith infiltrator.

Painted in my own scheme, I thought the original one a bit boring for a Sith Apprentice so I blinged it up for him, all metallic and darkness.

I didn`t do anything to the actual kit as I was up against my own time limit to finish it before the weekend.

I`m on with putting together the Bandai Stormtrooper tonight, then It`ll probably be on with something a little more involved.


Steven Woosey
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Re: Sith Infiltrator

SFMuk Admin » Jan 26 '15
Good looking build Steve!
SFMuk Admin
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Re: Sith Infiltrator

chris perry » Jan 26 '15

Eh up Steve,very impressive mym8

love the paintwork excellently marks


chris perry
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Re: Sith Infiltrator

Paul mather » Jan 26 '15

Paul mather
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