Re: Live long and prosper

SFMuk Admin » Mar 24 '14
So after last week, let`s go mainstream and back to a big franchise.

So for the next 2 weeks it`s Trekkies on deck.

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Live long and prosper

Alun » Mar 24 '14
I`ll kick off:

USS Trinculo.  Galaxy class in 1:2500 scale with window and lifeboat decals (which didn`t break apart at the drop of a hat).

USS Calliope. Bonaventure class in 1:2500 scale:

USS Sovereign.  Sovereign Class in 1:2500 scale:

USS Leeds.  Nebula class in (yes you guessed!) 1:2500 scale:

USS Hood. Constitution Class:

And of course currently working on the new Galaxy Class kit:

Will try and get some more pictures sorted before the end of the theme.


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