Re: Won`t remember me!

Anthony Hughes » Jan 20 '14

More often than now, whenever I come back to the site I have to log in again, despite not having cleared the cache - anyone else getting this


Anthony Hughes
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Re: Won`t remember me!

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Jan 20 '14

Sometimes happens to me yeah, not just on this but on other sites like mail, ebay forums etc.. I think it may have something to do with my Google security settings .. I don`t mind though, helps me remember my passwords ha ha


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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Re: Won`t remember me!

Ellenbethsdad » Jan 20 '14

Never had this problem......although I just cannot get past the log-in screen on the mobile phone.


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Re: Won`t remember me!

Mark » Jan 20 '14
I have to log in all the time - the mobile issue came up after the update (use the second login box on the page for now)
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Re: Won`t remember me!

SFMuk Admin » Jan 21 '14
Just for the moment we`re keeping the whole site behind the login.  Once we`re happy (and I will be asking for feedback on what`s working and what`s not etc) the site will be opened up for general browsing.  Some things, probably the wall, will be kept to members only though.

So bear with us, it will become easier soon.  Also possible that the session is timing out too quickly for some people.  Not sure if we can do anything about that though.


SFMuk Admin
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