Re: New Site

steve kearslake » Dec 29 '13
Hi All,
I`ve been away for a couple of months. The new site is a real change.
Is the facility still available to send personal messages?
I need to contact Stewoo steve I lost his e mail. can anyone help me out?
Are we not using our user names primarily anymore?
If these questions have been answered in the last few months I apologise
in advance.
All the best,
Timepsycle steve

steve kearslake
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Re: New Site

Steven Woosey » Dec 30 '13
Hey Steve, I`ve sent you a message, it should be showing in your mailbox across the top of the screen.

The old usernames have taken a bit of a backseat on here, it`s like starting a new school and trying to remember everyone`s names againa

Steven Woosey
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Re: New Site

Alun » Jan 2 '14
Hi Steve

Good to see you still here.

Personal messages are still here.  Just click on someone`s name and you`ll get their profile page and you can send them a message from there (think that`s the simplest way).

As the site has a slight whiff of Facebook to it we decided that real names would be the main display.  If you wanted to you could stick your username into the profile after your first name (Steve "Timepsycle" Kearslake) if you see what I mean.

Hope that helps but shout if there are any further questions.  I`m hoping to get your banner onto the new site soon by the way in recognition for your sponsorship which made this move partly possible.


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Re: New Site

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Mar 14 '14
Yeah trying to remember who is who is a challenge at times.. having the old nickname in there sometimes helps I think..


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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