Re: Welcome New Users

SFMuk Admin » Nov 22 '13
The first batch of users have been invited to join the site, so I hope you like what you see.  Please start using the playground and let us have feedback in this special area.

We look forward to hearing everything you have to say, so please don`t hold back.  I`m sure there will be room for improvement. 


SFMuk Admin
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Re: Welcome New Users

Pilgrim_UK » Nov 24 '13

Very nice and Fast on the browser. (Opera 12.16)

The emblem looks like a football badge and trying to figure out which one at first I though Chelsea but no,  it will come to me. :)

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Re: Welcome New Users

Alun » Nov 24 '13
It was the logo that was used for the Viper build, so it`s the symbol for Leonis (one of the BSG 12 planets).  But yes, does look a bit like the Chelsea logo.


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Re: Welcome New Users

Mark » Nov 24 '13
Football symbolism is lost on me ... :)

It`s a stop-gap branding so isn`t set in stone, but will do for now
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