Photo problems

Gareth James » Nov 12 '15

Is there a rotation tool for the pictures oin the site?. I'm importing photo's from Windows 10 but all the pictures are then appearing in the add topic box the wrong way round. Help. frown

Gareth James
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Re: Photo problems

SFMuk Admin » Nov 13 '15

Sorry, there aren't any photo editing tools here but in fairness I don't know of any forum that is able to offer them.

Were the photos taken on a phone?  I've noticed that some of mine rotate when I've uploaded them.  Doesn't seem to be anything to do with Windows but some metadata which is retained in the image.  I see this if I rotate the image in Paint when I'm at work.  They look fine when embedded in the text but they rotate if you click on them and I can only assume it's something to do with the phone.  Doesn't happen if I rotate them in Photoshop on my home computer (a Mac rather than PC but don't think this is anything to do with it).



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