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SFMuk Admin » Aug 19 '14
I feel it`s become necessary to give an explanation about images on the site.

We`re not an image storage facility and consequently we have to balance what can be uploaded against how useful the images are. In the old site 90% of the storage capacity was taken up with images and this resulted in a) the site running very slowly and b) us reaching the limit of our allowed storage under the plan we had and paying for extra storage space.

When you load an image onto the site the size actually required for the image to appear on your monitor is only about 1200 pixels.  Anything more and the image gets scaled down to that anyway in order to display it.  Therefore the size of the image needed on the site is much smaller than what comes out of your camera. Uploading huge image files doesn`t actually achieve anything apart from taking up lots of space which results in the slow running and storage issues.

In setting up the new site we seriously considered not allowing image uploading but decided to permit this but with a maximum image size of 0.5MB.  This gives a balance between file size and what is needed to display the image.  I usually reduce the images to ~1500 pixels in a maximum dimension and this usually makes the image around 200kb and they are absolutely fine for what is needed. This takes a few seconds to do and any image software will do this.

If you wish to link to an external image storage site like Flickr or PhotoBucket then this is entirely feasible but we can`t relent on the maximum size I`m afraid.

Also I know that this software package is not ideal for loading images and it is a little clunky, but the rest of the package works well and this is a small disadvantage balanced against a lot of advantages.  Things have improved though and it is now possible to load images from mobile devices, so the software developers and improving the management of images within the software.

I hope you appreciate the reasons and logic behind these decisions.

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