Dr Frankenfurter

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Aug 14 '16

Its been a while!!


Ive finally decided to paint up a kit ive had for over 10 years.  Its a 1/5 solid resin kit of Tim Currys Rocky Horror character - Dr Frankenfurter.

Ive no idea who produced or sculpted the original but its a pretty good likeness

need to get a few new flesh tones but got enough to start the basics so far


Al.. (budgie)

Alan "Budgie" Murray
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Re: Dr Frankenfurter

Alun » Aug 15 '16

Hey Alan!  Good to see you back on the horse!

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Re: Dr Frankenfurter

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Aug 15 '16

Cheers Alun, its been a while..


Actually got two jobs on at the minute, Frankenfurter as mentioned and also  one of these..

Godzilla Ghost resin kit


This ones gonna take a while, 12" tall and almost 20" long in resin.. Ive made a start on the rib cage, its a nightmare to fill the joints



Alan "Budgie" Murray
Posts: 151
Joined: Nov 19 '13

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