Re: where do you shop?

Paul mather » Jun 3 '14
I see some amazing figures on here, but where you you guys shop?

I started trolling around the web, and so many bad sites and dubious links. 

so figure kits...

best places to look?

Paul M.

Paul mather
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Re: where do you shop?

Ellenbethsdad » Jun 10 '14

Sorry for the late reply but I`ve been locked out for  the last week.

Anyway best place for figures?, ......couple of options:

try a figure related forum like the clubhouse:

plenty of sculptors and kit casters who sell on there, mostly from the US which makes postage expensive but a few UK/Europe sellers as well.

Get along to the UKGK show, loads of figures to buy on the day this year it`s September 28th at a hotel in Crewe....

Ebay of course... search for "resin model kit" then look under sci-fi or superheroes....if you find something and are not sure if it`s legit or not just ask, one of the figure guys should know.

Nice selection of fantasy females....

Fantasy Realms UK based and some good stuff......

Model Mansion, always has a few good deals....

Renamed Comet Miniatures....

Also try the mags  as a good source for new kits   and amazing figure modeller

Hope that gives some help......Pete


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Re: where do you shop?

Paul mather » Jun 11 '14

Or should I say Oh NO as I know have a Loooong shopping list. 

Paul mather
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Re: where do you shop?

Simon. Galling » Aug 26 '15

New here and l hope this will help. A mate of my is a trader call Phi is phone number 01216803048

I bought the Dragon 1/9 scale Iron Man figures plus some other figures from The Avengers. phils a great guy I buy a lot of figures some trucks and all sorts of a thing. he manage to get me one that`s been deleted for years is the large scale spaceship from Forbidden Planet problem with it is built it, where the hell I put it I do not know, give him a ring and have a chat to him about 7:30 in the evening hope this helps.

Simon. Galling
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