Re: Lord Of The Rings rebuild project.

Ellenbethsdad » Apr 21 '14

I won this a while back on an Ebay auction for the pricey sum of £11.50....

As you can see a pretty crap paint job, the original listing said it was "painted and finished to a very high standard"......anyway after 10mins scrubbing with some paint remover it turned out to look like this:

A previous owner had decided to add on a rather dodgy mullet hair-do, I didn`t think it did much for the piece so I scrapped it all off.....

After a few hours work, a piece of log and some scenic my £11.50 piece of crap has turned out looking like this............:


So not too shabby, I might even bring him to Milton Keynes next week!


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Re: Lord Of The Rings rebuild project.

Alun » Apr 23 '14
Good find!  And great job and getting it to where it should have been in the first place.
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