Re: The Dark Knight

Ellenbethsdad » Mar 15 '14

Just got time to get in a quick build, and I`ve been asked to do something Dark Knight, so............


Dragon models Dark Knight and accompanying Bane Figures.

Kit parts:

Never done any of the Dragon kits before so this will be a new one for me. First impressions are that the kit parts are vey well cast, nice clean details and the fit of the parts is very, very good.

The vinyl is thick and heavy, VERY THICK!!!. I always thought the old Screamin` kits were cast thick but these are double that.

I`ve started by putting the Bane torso together, not much to do here, just add the boots to the legs and join on the waist. I`m leaving off the head and arms to ease the flesh painting process. Oddly enough the instructions show to put the mask together but on this kit it comes pre-assembled on his face so perhaps the instructions were put together for the accompanying pre-painted vignette?.

The Batman again goes together very well, I`ve put together the main parts but left off the utility belt again to ease painting.

I`ll get some primer on and see how we look.


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