Re: X-men remodel

Ellenbethsdad » Jan 26 '14

Some of you from the old site will remember these and they have been to a couple of shows but only on a temporary base. I`ve now added a new base from the Dragon Thor kit ( which is way to big for Thor and I wasn`t planning on using with him anyway), it fits Cyclops and Cable rather well:

Looks better!


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Re: X-men remodel

Dean Eyre » Jan 26 '14
Looks the part Pete.
Love the shading on Cyclops.
Dean Eyre
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Re: X-men remodel

Alun » Jan 27 '14
Hey Pete

Looks good on that base.  Weren`t you originally doing 3 together?  Seem to have that in my head from somewhere.

What base are you going to use for Thor?  Think I`m going to disassemble my Avengers and have them on separate bases now but I chopped up the Thor base and it all went a bit wrong...  So don`t have that one anymore, which is a shame because it`s the best of the bunch.


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