Glasgow Scotland says hello!

Jason Cumming » Feb 8 '16

Hello all,


like a lot of people i returned to the hobby last year after a 30 year gap while life in general and career were priority. I am 42 single parent living with MS(Multiple Sclerosis).  I chose modelling as a means to stay sane in an insane world, also as a means of rehabilitaion. The old adage of "if you dont use it you loose it" counts very much in my case. Its been nearly 2 years since diagnosis and not even a year since returning to the hobby.

I dont think i could have picked a better hobby to do, it lets me express my inner geek, lol.  Over the years as both an architecture student and working in an architectural practice i made plenty of architectural models. Im no stranger to the blade, kapa board, plasticard, balsa wood, even a wee bit of lighting.

To ease myself back into the hobby i have been making the usual WWII subjects, tanks, planes, subs, etc.  I am a member of Internalional Scale Modelling forum under the moniker 'Skullfish'  My Sci-fi collection has been growing rapidly. Babylon 5, BSG, Star Wars, a wee bit of Trek. the usual stuff.

Ive been holding back on most of the complex models till i get the core skills to an acceptable level. Currently there are 5 projects on the go at varying stages of evolution, once i get these done its on to a BSG Viper or something similar.


anyway thats my blurb to say hi, hows it going. Im going to delve into the site now and see whats happening. thanks for reading, im open to all.


happy modelling



Jason Cumming
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Re: Glasgow Scotland says hello!

SFMuk Admin » Feb 11 '16

Hi Jason and welcome along to the site!


Glad to hear that your model work is helping with the MS and keeping you out of trouble.  Would love to see some of your work to date and do start posting some of your new builds.  A lot of us (myself included) have built the BSG Viper up.  We did a group build a few years back and when I went to look I realised that I hadn't uploaded the photos to the new site.  So I have sorted that out and you can see them all here:


Hope they inspire you with your build.


See ya round!



SFMuk Admin
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Re: Glasgow Scotland says hello!

Brian Wilkinson » Feb 15 '16

Welcome to the group. I attend Glasgow IPMS show in October, have you been there? Also my club (Washington moidel club) attend Perth nationals every April. Hope to see you there. Pop by and say Hi!

Brian Wilkinson
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Re: Glasgow Scotland says hello!

James Porter » Feb 17 '16

hi there,


good to see a fellow scot on here, i've been building models since i was a sprog and regularly attend the IPMS show in Perth which is at the end of April.


i have built a mixed bag over the years and i always return to sci-fi modelling and have built mostly star wars kits and teh odd BSg kit...strangly i'vew never built a star trek kit, i guess i'll have to remedy that at some point.


looking forward to seeing some of your work on here soon.

James Porter
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