Greetings from Portugal

Antonio Sobral » Jan 2 '16

Hello everybody

My name is Antonio Sobral, I am 55 and live and work in Portugal (not UK, sorry! :) ).

I started modelling during my early teens, and about 10 years ago I decided to return to this hobby, after almost 30 years of "doing nothing".

Along the years I have done tanks, planes, figures, cars, submarines, sci-fi ships, etc. etc. You name it and I have probably done it,
even though my main area of interest has been military vehicles in 1/35.

But I grew a little bit tired of the same old Panzers and Tigers and Shermans and Spitfires and related stuff,
so in the last couple of years I have grown very fond of "alternative" themes and ways of modelling.

I am also a senior moderator in the main modelling forum in Portugal ( - in Portuguese).

My main goal in joining this forum is to share my works and experience with other people with similar interests,
to learn form them and, above all, have fun while doing it.

And I guess this pretty much summarizes the thing. Thanks for reading this!
Any questions, please ask!


And an fantastic 2016 for everybody!

Antonio Sobral
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Re: Greetings from Portugal

SFMuk Admin » Jan 4 '16

Hi Antonio and welcome to the site.  


Even though you're from Portugal you are more than welcome!  Looking forward to seeing some of your work and please do post up some of your builds, or current on the bench projects.


best wishes



SFMuk Admin
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