Richard Baker » Dec 18 '15

I found this site by a post on the Starship Modelersite. 

I am 57 and have been building models all my life, now I am teaching my stepson what I have learned.

My primary interest is hardware- vehicles and interesting mechanical devices. I grew up with the Gerry Anderson shows, watched every scifi series and movie I could find.

I rarely build straight out of the box, while I love accuracy I am not a rivet counter. I like to do variations of a subject instead of exactly mimicing what is on the screen (I figure there are plenty of people already doing that).

I am still exploring this wonderful site- glad to have found it!



Richard Baker
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Re: Greetings!

SFMuk Admin » Dec 21 '15

Hi Richard


Welcome to the site!


Know what you mean about doing your own little version of things.  I often prefer to take something in a slightly different direction.  After all, it's sci-fi and no one can tell you that it's wrong!


Be sure to post some pictures of your builds!



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