Re: Hi from Cheshire

John Dyer » Oct 6 '15
Hi all. 

            New to the forum and kinda  new to the hobby. More a returnee after a LONG and unexplained absence.  

My collection is eclectic. If i see a good kit be it a ship , warhammer, warmachine , classic or anything elseas long  as it`s sci fi. I will pick it up and while away the hours making my mark. 

Look forward to learning from all of you here. 

My first question (and what brought me here) does any one recomend any websites to buy kits? I`be struggled to find a good collection of sci fi kits? 

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you. 


John Dyer
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Re: Hi from Cheshire

SFMuk Admin » Oct 6 '15
Hi John and welcome to the group.

Please do post some of your work even if it`s nothing to do with sci-fi.  We all love a good build.  And do let us know what you`re working on at the moment.

Any questions, just shout.


SFMuk Admin
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Re: Hi from Cheshire

Marten Richens » Oct 6 '15
Hi John

Welcome aboard, it`s always good to have new people joining. 

For shopping I usually use:

Wonderland Models - Based in Scotland, usually have a good selection of stuff, but nothing too far off the beaten track as far as sci-fi is concerned.

Hannants - Largest model shop in the UK, again mainly towards the regular end of modelling, but they have tons of stuff, so definitely worth checking out.

HobbyLink Japan - Great for Mechs and other Japanese related stuff (no surprise there then!)

Hobby Search - Another Japanese site. Great product range, but postage can be high. They do have an advantage of usually showing all the sprues and instructions in the product photos.

And lastly, eBay can`t go without being mentioned. You can still occasionally get a bargain.

I hope this helps and I`m sue the others will chip in with their top shopping picks.

Marten Richens
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Re: Hi from Cheshire

Tony Golinski » Oct 6 '15
Hi from across the county line. (Staffs). I use Affinity models and eModels in Stoke mainly as I live close to them.
Tony Golinski
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Re: Hi from Cheshire

Paul mather » Oct 7 '15
Paul from the northernmost fringes of Cheshire here. (Hyde in Tameside) Famous for Harold Shipman, mind you I was born a couple of miles away in a small place called Hattersley... which was... famous for.. the moors murderers and dale creegan...


I really ought to move...

Paul mather
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