Re: Hello ..... Again

Chris Lloyd » Nov 26 '13

Hi All


just a quick hello and re-introduction to old and new friends


I have been a member of the site since the very early days (I think i was the 2nd person to sign up), on the original site. If I recall this is the 3rd incarnation, and from the short time I have been here I think it is really good and I have to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to make it look this good..


But I am probably one of the least productive people here with regard to making models.


Part of that is time (I am a real game head and so the xbox takes too much time up) and also a lack of space to display completed models. I have an attic full of unstarted and part completed models.


But saying that I have managed to take part in a couple of the competitions and a group build (the viper hanger) and I have my name and face in print!


My latest build is actually a polar opposite of Si Fi, its a model of the sailing ship Blue Nose II. Wooden kit requiring rigging and sails made, the whole works.

I suppose that would fit into the real world section so I will post some photo`s.


Catch you all sometime in the forum and take care

Chris Lloyd
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Re: Hello ..... Again

Alun » Nov 26 '13
Hey Chris

Yes this will be the 3rd version I think, really more if you go right back to the Big Bang and track it forwards.  Can`t remember but were you on the old MSN site?  That was the first time the SFM:uk name appeared.

Glad you`re liking the look of things.  Hopefully it will just get busier and busier as we get everyone onto the site.


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Re: Hello ..... Again

Chris Ford » Nov 28 '13
Hey it works...i`m in! Yes, i was here when it as on the old MSN site. :)
Chris Ford
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Re: Hello ..... Again

SFMuk Admin » Nov 28 '13
Glad you could make it Chris. Hope you`re well!!!

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Hello ..... Again

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Nov 29 '13

welcome back Chris and Barrie,


Alan (budgie)


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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