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ente per ente » Dec 31 '13

Another Urban Fantasy/Historical Fantasy/Horror  short story written by me in American/English,title  "Ser carta fora do baralho...", a Portuguese saying for `To be a card out of the set’,set  in the Middle Ages, in old Lisbon, involving an epidemic of Plague some Genoese ships brought to Europe from the Far East - which fact caused so many problems...-and a poor lonely boy doomed to be sent to an open ground where thousands of ill and almost dying people are forced to go to save the city from the continuous spreading, actually…will be published  inside a  British Sci-Fi/Horror Anthologytitled "Plague".   Anthology by Horrified  Press...  :D


Here is the link:

And many thanks to very kind Michele "Bottomdweller" DUTCHERwho edited the story and many thanks to very kind  Mr. Gavin Chappell  that will adapt  it  later  for  this  Anthology, of course!!!    :D  :D


I`ll  put online  the image of the  final  cover as soon as it  will be available, indeed... :D


By the way, in the one displayed, sideways there is a skull ( again and again...), so it had to be for sure one of the covers of a book with a story of mine in,eh, strange to say, but the several skeletal appearances ( on Anthologies` covers...) continue... :shock:  8)


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