Re: Still Alive, Honest!

Hi all, sorry for the prolonged absence. Been away from pretty much all of the forums for a while now but trying to get my act back into gear. Liz and I moved from our unfinished house renovation finally, just over two months ago. We`re now very near the town centre, in Taunton, Somerset, and very much happier.

 The best part of all for me is that I`ve been able to wantonly use some of the proceeds of the house sale to buy all of the kits required to make a scratch-built 1/20 Nutcracker or Nutrocker, one of Kow Yokoyama`s creations from the early days of Ma.K. I`ve only got a couple of kits left to get and some more styrene stock, epoxy etc and I`m all set to get making. I`ve been wanting to make a canon build from the Ma.K universe for ages so this project is a small ambition realised at long last. 

As soon as I`ve got the last three kits, a 1/20 Williams FW-07, an old Revell/Mongram Cylon Raider and a 1/35 Krupp Protze I`ll get weaving. I`ll get a build diary up on here as soon as I do. 

My apologies again for being away from the forum for such a while but I hope to make a decent contribution soon!

 All the best, guys,


Martin "Noddy4000" Hutton
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Re: Still Alive, Honest!

Marten Richens » Jun 21 '15
Good to see you back Martin! The south west need more of a presence here! There really isn`t enough of us.

Marten Richens
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