Re: Jodorowsky`s Dune

Gareth James » Nov 12 '14
Just in case you haven`t checked this out (DVD, Netfix, etc) superb documentary of the failed 70`s project to bring Herbert`s novel to the screen. This is certainly the greatest film never made with luminaries such as Giger, Foss, Pink Floyd all involved. Totally recommended.  

I`ve used the forum in the past to bemoan the lack of anything worth watching in the genres filmwise and today is no different. Tom Cruise vehicle `Edge of Tomorrow` non linear story ruined by a linear script, acting and rubbish alien creature design.

Horror wise The Conjuring and Annabelle have the usual `scares` and plotlines my 5 year old could of penned in his school lunchbreak.


Gareth James
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Re: Jodorowsky`s Dune

Tried finding it but it says its not on netflix so im watching  the robocop reboot ;)
Rich ¤Blitzspear¤ Jary
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