Re: my lucky day (modelling wise)

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Sep 19 '14

had an interesting call recently..

A friend I hadn`t heard from for a while and phones me up and asks me if I would be interested in some Humbrol paint.. apparently his sister used to be a home painter for a now defunct figurine company.. she was clearing out her garage and came across some and asked my mate if he knew anyone that wanted it..

ok I says, Ill pick it up during the week..

So I turn up at his place and he shows me what I expected to be a few tins.. what it turned out to be was 77 boxes!!! 6 tinlets to a box with very few doubles.. there was enough there to fill a bread basket..

The paints about 10-12 years old but then I have tins in the house that`s older than that that still work fine so well pleased.

Scary thing is I bought some new Humbrols last week at £2.50 a pop.. typical.

Theres also a large 5l tin of Hannants soft wax.. now apparently they used this for weathering.. not sure how but it appears damn near full too anyone used this?

Alan "Budgie" Murray
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Re: my lucky day (modelling wise)

Alun » Sep 19 '14
Hopefully makes up for the outcome of "the vote".
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