Re: Dawn of the planet of the Apes

Gareth James » Jun 17 '14
will be on release very soon. I must admit the first instalment `Rise` was really good- clever and fitted snugly into the Apes legacy. `Dawn` looks like it will continue to buck the trend of awful trilogy`s (yep, I`m gonna include the coma inducing `Hobbit` in that) and worth the wait.

Remakes I`ve endured recently- Robocop; awful, Fright Night; really awful, The Fog; Why? 

Gareth James
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Re: Dawn of the planet of the Apes

Alun » Jun 17 '14
Haven`t been to the cinema in an age I`ll confess last film I saw there was Frozen.

I`ll go and hide in shame now...
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Re: Dawn of the planet of the Apes

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Jun 18 '14

As a huge Godzilla fan I was really looking forward to seeing it, the released trailers and stills etc made it look promising after the crapfest the Emmerich done with that tuna eater..

After seeing it on the big screen it was reasonably good but not excellent.. the monster effects and fights were well done with this CGI Godzilla being a reasonable modern take on it.. however although it sounds obvious it was too American.. it lost something that the Japanese ones have but I think that`s a culture thing at heart.. would I buy it? yep but not at full price and then only to fill my Godzilla collection (yep, I refuse to buy or include the tuna eater, to me even the worst Toho Godzilla was better)

s for Robocop another favourite franchise) Ill wait till its on satellite.. it doesn`t warrant a cinema trip going by the trailers.. Rise does look good and I will go to that..

Biggest cinema release wait at the moment - Sin City 2 : A dame to kill for.


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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