Re: Modelling blues

Ellenbethsdad » Apr 3 '14

I seem to be going through a flat spot. Hardly even looked at a kit in a fortnight now and just can`t seem to get up the enthusiasm to start.

I just keep looking in the stash for something to inspire me but everything I look at I keep finding reasons not to build it...........

Hoping the MK show will lift me out of this.


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Re: Modelling blues

Alun » Apr 3 '14
Share your pain. Just been so busy at work that by the time I get home and have something to eat I just don`t fancy doing anything. Got 3 kits which wouldn`t take much to finish but just not got any mojo to finish them off. Don`t want to start anything new as it`ll distract from the nearly finished projects (Pegasus, War Machine and the Enterprise D).
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Re: Modelling blues

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Apr 4 '14

yep, same boat too.. I only have 1-2 free nights a week due to other commitments so don`t get the time (or energy) to do as much as I like..

Got a few projects on the go but nothing actually finished.. bad habit of starting stuff and not completing especially with resin and pewter models.. the plastic and vinyl ones don`t seem to be as much of a problem somehow..

One of my current subjects is only two colours, one of which is applied already.. no building but the second colours gonna be very time consuming to do..

A show is always a good inspiration I think..pity theres none near me :-(


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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