Re: Austerity measures!

Gareth James » Mar 29 '14
With the price of kits generally, the other half scrutinising your on line buying history-(your blabbering justifications falling on deaf ears; its rare!, you can`t get it in this scale!, never seen it on Ebay before!) its time to follow Greece into some austerity measures, (minus the bludgeoning from riot police) sci-fi style or its birdwatching for me.

Can`t do much about the models, but DIY diorama materials, money saving cheaper alternatives to brands (Aldi/Waitrose thingy) tips, hints all welcome. 

The kids have gotta eat ! (but not before I stick a bid on that halycon Sulaco mmmmwwwwahahahaha!)  

Gareth James
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Re: Austerity measures!

Alan "Budgie" Murray » Mar 29 '14

I know the feeling.. too many hobbies and not enough cash to go round them all..

don`t we have a thread on alternative uses and tools that folks discovered? maybe it was on the old site!


Alan "Budgie" Murray
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Re: Austerity measures!

Ellenbethsdad » Mar 29 '14

Stop smoking (it`ll kill ya, y`know) and cut back on the trips to the pub ( it`ll kill ya, y`know)...there you go much more money for modelling now!!!.....

On a more serious note....

Try getting to a local show and buying supplies there, saves on expensive postal charges.

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Re: Austerity measures!

Ron Palmer » Apr 1 '14

Completely understand the situation. With finances stretched I find myself costing how much it will be to begin a new kit. New paints, possible renewal of other materials, filler etc. Indeed the

main swaying point of my decision to begin the Frankestein kit was the discovery of an unopened can of Tamiya matt black aerosol.

The sale of unmade kits has kept the wolf from the door on more than one occasion. The main reason why I have been putting off making more hardware and ships is due to being unable to bring out the full potential, I would love to buy the Paragrafix detailing sets let alone the after market lighting sets but funds will not allow. Maybe one day.

Ron Palmer
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