Re: Photos in Posts

Iain Costall » Nov 23 '13
Ok, so I`ve just tried posting a build log in the forum and all my pics just show as links to Photobucket....what am I doing wrong?
Iain Costall
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Re: Photos in Posts

SFMuk Admin » Nov 24 '13
Hi Iain

I`ve been through the article (excellent by the way) and fixed the images.

Basically we have decided for the moment to leave HTML switched off in the forum, as this is an easy way for malicious code or links to be pasted into the site.  If is is causing major headaches then we might need to reconsider but for the moment it is going to stay off.

It does however mean that links and images have to be inserted using the buttons in the forum edit box.

You`ll see a small camera icon which is for images.  Click that and you get 3 options.  First to upload something, pretty self explanatory but image has to be below 0.5MB.  Second is to load something from the gallery.  This is images which you`ve uploaded to the site in any way (forum, blogs, photo galleries).  So useful way of linking to something you`ve either already loaded or used elsewhere.  Final one is from a URL.  So in this case you want to select that and paste in the URL of the image (not the page but the actual image you want to show up).

I`ll be doing some how-to`s shortly, but for the moment that should do the job.


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