Re: Bowerhouse Volume 5

SFMuk Admin » Feb 26 '15
I`ve found a very limited number of copies of Issue 5 of Bowerhouse which I had previously misplaced. This is the issue with articles on Supercar, Snocat and SID Mk3. They were sold originally for £7.99 but going to discount them to clear and doing them for £6 plus whatever postage comes to (that`s virtually cost). Anyone interested please send me an email on 
SFMuk Admin
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Re: Bowerhouse Volume 5

Simon. Galling » Aug 27 '15
I am very interested in that plus I`m looking for to the other numbers with well were Martin Bowers magazine so yeah I would like 1 please let me know how much pain 2 years as well I`ll get in contact with you my phone just possible my phone number is 01 554810402 ask for Simon
Simon. Galling
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Re: Bowerhouse Volume 5

Marten Richens » Aug 28 '15
Simon, it`s great to have you on board, but could you use some punctuation in your posts please? It makes them so hard to read without it.
Marten Richens
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Re: Bowerhouse Volume 5

Alun » Sep 2 '15
Still have volume 5.  Just possible there might be one left of volume 4.  If you want one just drop me an email with your address and what email to use for PayPal and I`ll send you an invoice for what I have.


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