Re: Decals

SFMuk Admin » Mar 6 '14
Seeing Pete`s Y-Wing reminded me about the decals I ran a long time ago:

If there is some interest in reprinting these I can do them, but would like a few people to say yes before running the paper through.

The sheets are A5 sized and printed on clear decal paper from a laser printer.  So quality is good but they aren`t opaque and consequently only suitable for application over light paint colours.  The one Pete used is in the third row and just in from the right, which should give you an idea of scale.

£3 a sheet including postage will cover it.

Have some others I can reprint as well if anyone wants them.  If I can get any 4 orders then that`s a whole sheet which is perfect.

Warning labels:

Health and Safety signs:

Eurostyle font:

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Decals

Ellenbethsdad » Mar 6 '14

Put me down for a couple of the cheesecake sets., one of the health and safety and one of the warning labels please Alun.

Highly recommend the cheesecake set!.


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Re: Decals

Alun » Mar 6 '14
No problem. Anyone else while I`ve got the stuff out?
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