Re: Judge Dredd 1/3 scale model kit

Benn Clarkson » Jan 27 '14

Introducing our latest Kit by the talented sculptor Michael White, We Bring you Judge Dredd.

Having invested heavily in kits this year already :alcoholic: I`m having to run a pre-order to get this long over due piece made into resin goodness.

I have set a target of 15 orders to get him going. 50% down to make the list with the other 50% and shipping due when he`s ready to ship.

I will be doing everything I can to keep shipping costs down including a Drop shipment to the States. So shipping will not be to bad, but will be worked out once final weight is in.

And this guy is huge!!

12inches(30.5cm) High,
9 inches(23cm) wide.

comprising of 6 Pieces
base, bust, left shoulder armour, right shoulder eagle & badge. plus a small length of chain.

Things going well were looking at early March shipping.

Price is £60-GBP

any Questions please Pm me  :D


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