Re: Plymouth Model Show 12/04/14

Marten Richens » Jan 23 '14
Here`s one for us in the South West and those brave enough to come to this neck of the woods! The show is being held at Plymouth Guildhall, Royal Parade, so it`s nice and central. Here are the contact details for the guy putting it on.

I have sent him an email enquiring about getting a table, so if anyone else wants in, just let me know. FYI I did contact him last year about getting a table, but I didn`t hear anything back from him. Hopefully this year he has got his act together a bit more.


Marten Richens
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Re: Plymouth Model Show 12/04/14

Paul Collins » Jan 24 '14
Hey martin. West cornwall ipms ahould be attending.
If you want to jump in with us lot it would cut some cost down for you.
Paul Collins
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