Return of the Garrison Show

SFMuk Admin » Jun 30 '16

Still working on the photos from the show but did throw together the video below.  There is a time lapse of us starting to set up the table, a quick walk around and then a more detailed walk around.


A great show and so much interest from the general public.  We could probably have made a fortune selling stuff as that was the most frequently question I think.  And must put out another huge thank you to Pete and Steve.  


Pete provided 2 massive raffle prizes.  A Screaming Tuskan Raider for the Saturday raffle and a combo of Chewie with a disassembled C3P0 (a la Cloud City), also both by Screaming.  These were part of the raffle prizes which raised £335 for the Little People charity.  


And Steve donated a massive box of Lego bags which we ran as a lucky dip at £1 a go, with the proceeds going to support the site.  This made a lot of kids very happy and we will gloss rapidly over the one I managed to make cry.  Overall we took £184 and we were all out of them by mid afternoon on the first day.


Massive thanks to you both guys!


If you want to book your place for next year do let me know.  We were a little short handed at times with just 3 of us and although it looks like we might have 1 extra attendee next year we could use an extra person beyond that.


Anyway, here is the video and photos to come. 



There is a second video I've uploaded which is non-model related and more a record of the weekend for myself and family which you're welcome to watch, but gives a good idea of what goes on.




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Re: Return of the Garrison Show

Ellenbethsdad » Jun 30 '16

Good job.

i didn't even see the pod racer with Watto.......where was that?



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Re: Return of the Garrison Show

Steven Woosey » Jun 30 '16

It was in the bit directly at the bottom of the slope in.


Steven Woosey
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