Re: APPEAL: Star Wars Models Needed

SFMuk Admin » May 18 '15
Dear All

As you will have seen we will be attending the Star Wars Weekend at the National Space Centre towards the end of June and this is a request for anyone who is willing to send kits for the display.  We`ve got a significant amount of space to fill so looking for stuff even if you are unable to actually attend yourself.

A collection and drop-off might be feasible but realistically it would probably have to be sent by post.  Know this is a big ask but if are willing to send anything (all costs will be covered) could you please drop me an email on

We`ve got a number of Fine Molds X and Y-Wings so probably OK for those.

Many thanks


SFMuk Admin
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Re: APPEAL: Star Wars Models Needed

Paul mather » May 19 '15
I`ll have a rummage and see what I have. 
Paul mather
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Re: APPEAL: Star Wars Models Needed

Marten Richens » May 20 '15
Oddly, being a big SW geek, I have no kits at all! I`d love to attend, but Leicester is a bit of a stretch from Exeter.
Marten Richens
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