Re: Star Wars Weekend-Space Centre 27-28 June

SFMuk Admin » May 14 '15
Dear All

We have been invited to attend the Star Wars Weekend which takes place at the National Space Centre in Leicester on the weekend of 27th/28th June and are looking for extra people who are keen to attend.  We need Star Wars models (not general ones please) so if you are free, want to attend and have stuff to bring could you drop me an email on please with what you have available. We`ll have to see what we can fit and what each person can contribute, so we`ll go through and let you know as quickly as possible.

It will require an overnight stay, so just to warn you that there would be some expenses involved.

There will the 501st attending and some celebs etc.  Full details at:

Let me know (via email please!) if you`d like to attend.

Many thanks


SFMuk Admin
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Re: Star Wars Weekend-Space Centre 27-28 June

Ellenbethsdad » May 14 '15
Just a note, I`ve been to this before and it`s a pretty good day out. The UK garrison put on a very good display, and there is plenty to look at in the space centre itself. It`s very family friendly .
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Re: Star Wars Weekend-Space Centre 27-28 June

Eric Moore » May 15 '15
Need to check to see if my wife`s off/can get the time off, but am interested
Eric Moore
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